Friday, 28 January 2011

Episode 11 - It's So Fluffy!

In which I talk about things that are fluffy, and apologise for it being early in the morning!

What I did in the past week:
What's on the go:

What I finished:

What I plan to knit:

Please leave a comment on any yarns/patterns/shops/books you think I should review or know about! Thanks for listening!

How to find me:
Twitter - miss_elle_bat
Ravelry - misselle
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Music provided by -
Mevio's Music Alley.
Wren Ross - "I will knit for you"


  1. Hiya Elle just wanted to pop in and thank you so very much for such a wonderfully massive review for My Heart Exposed yarns and fibres. I have caught up now and listened to episodes 1 to 11 having successfully downloaded you in my itunes library to my ipod classic YAY!

    Loving Miss Elle Knits, keep up the grand work, you sound mental - in all the right ways LOL I just love you :)

    ((( hugs )))

    Helen xx

  2. Thanks Helen :) I'm really enjoying doing this, and I'm actually that mental in real life, so its all me haha!


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