Sunday, 13 April 2014

Jumble Jelly re-location!

Back in March I had to re-locate my shop. It just didn't work out, and I found my own space.

Its been a heck of a lot of hard work, because my new unit was a bit of a state...

Yup. Thats bamboo matting on the walls and the other walls are multi coloured!

Adam and I took the decision to remove the bamboo... And part of a wall came with it! A previous tenant had not told the landlord about a damp issue! The landlord repaired the wall and we carried on painting!

The ceiling needed about a hundred coats of paint...

Yup. It was dark blue. It is now white, but we'll do one more coat at Christmas to really cover it up. Big thank you to Lezley for providing a ceiling roller and for doing one coat on the ceiling! And for helping to build the units :D

In some places we just had to do cover ups...

Because it was easier than trying to sort out the jumble of colours, raised surfaces and general weirdness left behind!

At one point it all just seemed too much and we all had mental breakdowns! The landlord was awesome and did a coat on the ceiling to help us out! Andrew from Wrap helped Lezley and I build the units...

And it started to look like a shop!

I borrowed the rug doctor from Budgens and with little Laura's help we cleaned the carpet!

Whilst it didn't remove stains, it certainly made it look brighter and smell less musty :D

And then it was time to place the units... And get stock out!

And all of a sudden you have a shop ready to be opened!

So the new address is:
Jumble Jelly
3 Weavers Walk
33 Silver Street
BA15 1JX

I just want to say a huge thank you again to everyone who helped with the move, provided support, shoulders to cry on... But mostly I want to thank Adam for being such a rock and giving everything he has to help me do this.

Hope to see you soon! We're behind Wrap and Christine's Sustainable Supermarket :)


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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Socks With Sarah KAL Update

I've been bad for the past week and not worked on any socks! Ooops! I thought maybe blogging about the 3 pairs I have knit might spur me on...

The first pair were for me and are knit in Regia 6 ply. It was a bright fun colour, and I really enjoyed them!

The next pair (same yarn, different colour) were for the Valentine's window at work, but I'm gonna keep them!

The next pair should have been soooo easy. Adam likes handknit socks! But only ankle socks. Easy right?! Wrong! They still took me forever to do.

He chose one of my precious skeins of EasyKnits Deeply Wicked in colourway Blackest Heart.

I swear he didn't take them off for a week!!! He's also chosen another 7 skeins of yarn from my stash for himself!!!! 7!!! Ok... I may have a huge stash...

Current socks in progress:

This is in Wendy Roam, I really like the colour changes in this. They are a birthday present... And I need to finish them soon!


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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Unravel 2014!

Well, another year and the start of the yarny shows!

(Unravel was actually my second show this year - but I'm not sure a trade show counts even if I did order lots of new shiny yarn for the shop hehe!)

This was my third Unravel... And compared to the last two years... I left this year a little disappointed.

Maybe going so close to the trade show was a bad idea. That was only 5 days before. There was a lot of bright colours and things containing sparkles from the commercial companies.

Maybe the indie dyers were just reflecting the dismal, appalling, never ending winter we're in. Maybe I'm just so blissfully happy in life right now that I want bright colours...

Apart from a few indie dyers who are renowned for bright, intense and saturated colours (I'm specifially thinking Easyknits, Fyberspates and Natural Dye Studios), I found the majority of yarn and fibre to be muted, murky, and I hate to say it... Dull.

I've seen so much bright coloured sock yarn on Instagram from the Socks With Sarah KAL and Operation Sock Drawer, and thats what I wanted! I wanted rainbows to spin, rainbow socks to knit!

I found rainbows to spin from HilltopCloud, as always her fibre was gorgeous!

As for rainbow sock yarn... I found none :( I didn't even need it to stripe, I just wanted rainbow colours! Unless I wanted a commercial yarn (and I go to these shows for indie yarn, commercial I can go anywhere!), bright yarn was lacking...

I also felt there were less yarn/fibre stalls and more "stuff" stalls. Kits, ready made items, and quite a few actual yarn stores. Which is great for some people... But I was done after about an hour.

I spent most of my time just catching up with friends, and showing off Adam! I bought during my first half hour, and nothing more tempted me.

On the way home all of us (Laura, Kate and I) said the same - we were disappointed, and probably won't go back next year.

Roll on Wonderwool Wales - with an extra hall this year there needs to be more bright stuff there!!!

No post would be complete without a picture of my purchases:

EasyKnits and Skein Queen yarn, both fibres from HilltopCloud.

I'll update you with my Socks With Sarah KAL soon!


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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Socks With Sarah KAL

We all know I like to knit socks. I also quite like year long KALs (remember the A-Z KAL on UK Sock Knitters?!).

Ever since the unpleasantness of 2 years ago and working insane amounts of hours to be able to live alone... I've kind of got out of the habit of sock knitting.

And my beautiful sock yarns are piling up in my Expedia unit (and multiplying!)... And I can't remember the last pair of socks I made for myself!!!

I made Adam a pair of socks for Christmas, and he wears them every night when he gets home from work. So he needs more socks!


So Socks With Sarah is a year long KAL starting on January 15th. Its not a marathon to see who can make the most pairs of socks.

No, its much better than that.

Its about incorporating sock knitting into your daily life. Where and when you can fit it in.

I used to do this all the time, but the mojo left me after the unpleasantness, and its only just making its way back! Probably because I'm so happy and secure with Adam now, and probably because I'm surronded by pretty yarn all day at work!!!

I think I'll start with a 6ply yarn, and make some socks for me. If I try to instagram a daily pic of sock progress... That might help too!

So who's in? It ties in nicely with The Knitmore Girls operation sock drawer too!


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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Turning 30...

So I did something completely ridiculous and turned 30 years of age.

Its not too bad so far, I think it might grow on me! Makes me giggle though everytime I remember that my boyfriend is still only 24...

Anyways. For my birthday Adam and my friends took me to the cinema to see Turbo (absolutely hilarious!!!) and then we went bowling.

Which I was terrible at.

But of course!

Adam... He was awesome. Turns out he used to play in a league! Sneaky boy.

Now my friends all make stuff, just like me! So I got lots of beautiful jewellery for presents :D

Laura made me a bracelet with lapis lazuli and two haemetite hearts. Rosie made me a bracelet with lapis lazuli and 30 black diamonds!!!!! (See a theme?!)

Laura and Pat got me a replica of Snape's wand (no, this isn't as saucy as it sounds!!!).

Adam... He bought me a ring :D

Its not an engagement ring (yet haha!!!). But its sooo beautiful. I loves it very much.

Big thanks and hugs to all my friends for making my birthday so memorable and spoiling me greatly!

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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Life update!

Well... I last posted that I would be the new owner of Jumble Jelly... And now I am!

Its been a crazy insane few weeks, starting with the shop closing for refurbishment and try to stop the town rumour mill that we were closed for good! Despite three massive posters in the window we could constantly hear people saying "Oh that used to be such a lovely shop".

Cue Rosie and I (and whoever was helping out with the refurb at the time) staring at each other with that look where we know what the other is thinking!!!

Anyway... Pictures of the refurb!!!

This is when we moved Rosie's stuff in! It looked chaotic and scary and we were left thinking 2 weeks would never be long enough!!!

Theres the lovely Rosie painting the walls :)

Theres my Adam cleaning the windows and Rosie painting the window frames!

Rosie's beads finding their place!!!

The backroom looking almost organized!

A huge yarn delivery for me... This was the day before we opened!

I finished getting all the yarn out plus tidying up certain things at midnight. Little Laura did my window display, saving me a huge headache!!! Rosie kept going until 4am!!!!!!!
Opening day was amazing. So many people came up to show their support and wish us well in our new joint venture :)

In other news my Adam found a job here and will be moving in with me next week! So excited and happy!

When you think 2 years ago my ex broke up with me leaving me with nothing... I had no job, no money, nowhere to live and no more love! Now I own a business, I might not have much money but I get by, I love my flat and I'll love it even more when my love moves in with me!

(I know it could all suddenly change again but right now I'm just stunned at how different my life is!!!)

I'll post pictures of the finished shop soon! We're still working on a few bits ;)


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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Exciting times ahead!

So I've been rather quiet.

Theres a couple of good reasons for that.

First of all I found me a man! His name is Adam, we've been friends for years, and I'm insanely happy!

The second reason is as follows...

I'm about to become my own boss!

Yes, I know I'm already my own boss with the whole Miss Elle Knits thing... But this is taking it to another level.

I will be the new owner of my local yarn store come the end of September!!!

Me!!! Own a yarn shop!!!

Dream come true or what?!

More details soon :D


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